KLEOS is an ancient Greek word meaning fame and glory attained through good deeds and hard work.
When you have earned your kleos, you will be remembered forever.

Here, we showcase unsung heroes who deserve a spotlight, typically of Greek descent, and making notable contributions in the arts, philanthropy, and business.  

We also love to give a shout to socially conscious, progressive, and cutting edge brands making their mark. 



Stratis Vogiatzis

Stratis Vogiatzis was born on 12th of January in 1978 in Chios, Greece. He studied economic sciences in Aristotle Un. and Social Anthropology in Amsterdam dealing with children and Political violence. Among others he worked with children in Palestine,as a teacher and educator at the gypsies communities in Thessaloniki (Drom) and as a researcher for the educational ngo IALE in New Delhi. He has worked for assignments and creative projects in more than 30 countries and his work has been published in seven books. He exhibits regularly in Greece and abroad and his works belong to museums and private collections. He has directed several independent documentary films that distinguished and won awards in international film festivals. In 2011 he initiated with a team of artists and researchers the Caravan Project, a travelogue with a caravan around Greece with the intention to document and reveal inspiring personal stories. The journey still goes on...

The work below is from his book called INNER WORLD, which you can purchase at the mastihashops in Greece, and the mastiha museum in Pyrgi, Chios.  These photos are of empty homes in the mastiho-horia, the mastiha-producing villages, left as they were in the 50’s.  Stratis manages to capture a melancholy of the past, but punctured with the joy of vibrant colors of the traditional social life of the Chians.  We’re in love.