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Mastiha is traditionally used throughout, Greece, Turkey, the Mediterranean basin and the middle east as a spice in food.  Greek woman traditionally use it in baking, for breads and cookies, but it also fantastic in savory applications, and of course is the main ingredient in KLEOS Mastiha Spirit! 

  • The famous New Year’s Day cake, the “vasilo-pita”, many times has Mastiha. As a main aromatic and flavoring ingredient.  This cake contains a coin in the slice of the lucky recipient who will get good luck for the year .

  • Tsoureki, a sweetbread, also traditionally contains mastiha.

  • “Kaimaki”,  the BEST ICE CREAM EVER (!) —famous in Greece and Turkey, contains sheep’s milk, salepi, cinnamon, and of course mastiha!

It can also be used in savory recipes, and is fantastic in game-y meats like lamb, and pork, and exceptional in fish dishes, particularly shellfish. 

KLEOS Mastiha Spirit can easily replace an anisette or white wine, with mussels, clams, or octopus, and give a beautiful dimension in flavor and aroma.

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Here at the Mediterra Factory, the company thats owns the infamous Mastihashops, during "loukoumia" production. 


This is a VERY COMMON dessert in Greece and in Turkey is known as "locum", made with Mastiha as the main spice and flavoring agent!



Oral Hygiene

Due to its distinctive taste and relative hardness, Chios mastiha stimulates a greater production of saliva than ordinary chewing gum.  This results in a greater feeling of freshness and cleanliness in the mouth, while also contributing to the treatment of “xerostomia” (dry mouth).

Univeristy studies have shown that chewing mastiha effectively helps to massage and exercise the gums, prevents tooth decay and peodontal problems, as well as limiting the formation of plaque.

Today, you can buy Mastiha toothpaste, Mastiha mouth wash, and  even chew the raw mastiha the way the ancient Greeks and romans did.  Check out if you are in the US, and in the EU to buy these products!  Also, the modern-day chewing gum is available at select Whole Foods markets in NY and Massachusetts.

DIY Mouthwash:

  • 50 ml (approx. 2 oz) green tea
  • 2 drops mastiha oil
  • Mix the ingredients well and use as a mouthwash after meals or after brushing.  Do not swallow.  Strengthens gums, helps prevent decay, and freshens breath!



The Mastiha toothpaste is one of the mastihashop best-selling items, counteracts Gingivitis, and leaves breath feeling spa-fresh.


Digestive System

Chios Mastiha has been known as an effective ingredient in the treatment of stomach pains, gastric disorders, digestive problems, and stomach ulcers since ancient times. 

Medical recipes from antiquity and the middle ages recommend

Today, there are over 20 modern published medical studies that prove that Mastiha kills H.Pylori, which is the bacteria that causes peptic ulcers, and gastric cancer.

Mastiha is proven to prevent and treat the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and is the most natural way to treat peptic ulcers and acid reflux.  The Mastihashops sell pills and powder for the stomach, as well as the actual raw resin that you can chew as gum, and swallow for gut health! 



Chios Mastiha has anti-microbial and healing properties that contribute to the effective regeneration of the skin, as well as synthesis of collagen.  As such, mastiha is one of the components of self-adhesive bandages, as well as skin care creams and anti-aging products, that you can find, again at the Mastihashops. 

Most recently it has been advertised as an ingredient in luxury skincare line CHANEL's "Blue Zone" Cream.

The Spanish manuscript of the 16th century, “Manual de Mujeres”, includes a recipe for soap with mastiha:   2 ounces white soap, ¼ mastiha, and ¼ borax.

DIY Facial mask: 

  • 1 spoonful of full fat yogurt

  • ½ spoonful of rice flour

  • 3 drops mastiha oil

  • Mix the ingredients well, and apply the mask on a clean and dry face, avoiding the eye area.  Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse the face well with lukewarm water.  Apply up to 3x per week.

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 The founder of KLEOS Mastiha Spirit, is a devotee of mastiha products,  as a fan of natural products part of a healthy lifestyle.  Anecdotally, she had issues with: gums bleeding, healed after a month of using Mastiha toothpaste, a tooth extracted that caused a 2 -week infection healed in 2 days by applying mastiha oil, and has had fine lines diminish using the latest Mastiha anti-wrinkle mask.  Mastiha is a PANACEA (google it, Greek word;)