mastiha shops

The Mastihashops are shops that sells everything UNDER THE GREEK SUN made with mastiha.  The flagship store, shown above, is in Chios town, of course on the island of Chios where Mastiha is from, and there are 7 shops in total in Greece, with 2 at the Athens airport. 

The brick and mortar store opened in New York City by Greek-american Artemis Kohas, and her sister Kalliope, who hail from the mastiho-horia, is now online!  See links below to get into the mastiha lifestyle.  You will get hooked! 

We greatly thank Mediterra, owner of the mastihashops and the Chios Mastiha Growers Association for all their support.  Most of the information on this website was researched by their teams.

As a spice, mastiha can be used in both sweet and savory applications.  Mastiha honey, shown here, is SUPER aromatic, and floral, and one of the best-selling food products made with mastiha.