Tasting Notes And Versatility

KLEOS Mastiha Spirit, with its floral Bouquet, aromas of eucalyptus, tasting notes of cucumber, mint, and sweet tea, and undeniable freshness prompted the quote: “I feel like I’m drinking a spa.”

KLEOS Mastiha spirit mixes 1:1 with virtually every spirit on your back bar, and a myriad of Fruits, herbs, and spices.
But no need to mess with perfection...Unlike other sugary-sweet mastiha liqueurs, KLEOS Mastiha Spirit is balanced enough to be consumed neat, on the rocks or with a wedge of lemon.  

The difference is crystal Kleos...


2 parts KLEOS Mastiha Spirit
1 large ice cube
Lemon peel, expressed

Serve KLEOS Mastiha Spirit over one large ice cube in a rocks glass. 
Garnish with an expressed lemon peel.