Although the *exact* composition of mastiha is not known yet, this unique resin consists of an excellent variety of therapeutic and aromatic ingredients.  It is made up of:  3% essential oil, 25% natural polymer, and 72% total extract.  Total extract comprises 39% titerpenic acid, 28% titerpenic aldehydes and alcohols, and 5% other substances, including phytosterols, polyphenolic molecules, and a large number of other ingredients, some found in nature for the first time.  

Subcomponents of mastiha have :

  • anti-bacterial

  • anti-microbial

  • anti-inflammatory

  • and anti-oxidant

effects, as well as significant activity against diabetes (lowers blood glucose levels).

There are over 20 modern, published medical studies that prove that mastiha kills h. pylori, which is the bacteria that causes peptic ulcers, gastric cancer, and acid reflux. 

 Mastiha is proven to prevent and treat the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and is the most natural way to treat peptic ulcers and acid reflux.

Please see more info on published studies here

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European pharmaceutical companies have been using mastiha for years as the main ingredients for pills for people that have Gastro-Intenstinal problems.  Studies show that 1 gram of mastiha per day is enough for gut health.